(Actor / Director)

Les has a long and rewarding artistic

association with Ken Tschan and
Cornerstone Theatre Arts. Past

performances include: Mr. Cobb in

Cobb, the two Dukes in As You Like It,

Scratch in The Devil & Daniel Webster,

Dr. Strauss in Flowers for Algernon,

multiple roles in Paul Robeson, All 

American, Nathaniel Kent in Worst

Show in the Fringe. He also appeared

in the History Alive! series.

Les served as an Assistant Director in

the Cornerstone Production of Chinese

Coffee and was Director of the 2015

production of Dancing at Lughnasa.


(Actor, Writer, Technician, Director)

B.J. Boothe has been a member of

Cornerstone Theatre Arts since 2012,

appearing in The Falling Moon as Hans,

The Colonel, and Queen Marie. His other

credits with CTA include: Chinese Coffee

(Harry), Civil War Shorts (Edwin Booth), 

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Sir John

Falstaff), History Alive (Edwin Booth, an

original monologue), As You Like It (Orlando), 

Crimes of the Heart (Doc Porter), The

Interrogation of Nathan Hale (Nathan Hale), 

Dancing at Lughnasa (Gerry Evans), They

Paved Paradise (Dylan), Rounding Third 

(Michael), Noah Webster (Co-writer, Noah

Webster), Ten Seconds (Ray Walsh), Stuck

While Moving (James).

B.J. has served as technician for Sisters

Under The Skin and has had the pleasure

of directing Twelfth Night and Where the Hell

is Heaven on this Earth, in which he performed

“When a Father Faces the Abyss, Only Magic

Can Save Him”. He was the Grand Prize

Winner in 2016’s Goshen’s Got Talent, where

he performed “The Crickets Have Arthritis”.


 Tel: (845) 294-4188



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Drew has the honor of being in the First production of Cornerstone at The Goshen

Music Hall, "Amelia Earhart Taking Flight"

as George Putnam and virtually every other

character in the show! Since that time, he has

performed in "Rounding Third" as Don, and

"The Christians" as Pastor Paul. Drew is a

veteran actor with over 50 separate productions under his belt. He is truly honored and humbled

to be able to perform with Cornerstone. Ken Tschan and this phenomenally talented group,

have given him some of the most rewarding

experiences he could have hoped for. He

eagerly awaits his next production here.

Drew is a 15 year resident of Monroe. He is

married to his beautiful and talented wife

Carmen, and has three boys whom he could

not be prouder of, Cody-22, Trevor-20, and



(Founder / Artistic Director)

Ken began his work in theatre in 1984.

He is a Man of Theatre trained in per-

formance and directing by Cortland State

College’s Theatre Department, and The

National Shakespeare Conservatory in

NYC. Ken completed his B.A in Theatre

Studies through SUNY Empire State

College. His M.A. in Theatre Studies is

through Regent University. With

Cornerstone, Ken has performed in,

among others: The Worst Show in the

Fringe, Vincent, Cobb, Chinese Coffee,

Taming of the Shrew, andDancing at

Lughnasa. His directing credits for CTA

include: The Fourth Wall, Crimes of the

Heart, Paul Robeson, Einstein, The Belle

of Amherst, Inventing Van Gogh, The

Interrogation of Nathan Hale, The Devil &

Daniel Webster, Waiting for MacArthur, The

Tempest, Comedy of Errors, As You Like It,

Much ado About Nothing, and the NY State

Premier of Paullette MacDougal’s Sisters

Under the Skin. Ken also created

Shakespeare in Salesian Park” (circa 2006)

and “The Teen Drama Summer Workshop

(1997), both of which are held each year.

Ken’s Awards of Merit in Theatre include

the Arts in Education Award from The

Orange County Arts Council and

The Seligmann Award from the Orange

County Citizens Foundation. 



Evelyn Albino has been performing with

the Cornerstone Theatre since their 

Inaugural year at the Goshen Music Hall.  

This organization, dedicated to producing

plays of social significance and intelligence,

is one in which she is very proud to be a

member.  Past roles include: Jane Austen

in “I Remain J. Austen,” Babe in “Crimes

of the Heart”, Mrs.  Jefferson Davis (Varina)

in the original play ‘Sisters Under the Skin”,

Kate in “Dancing at Lughnasa” and Betty

Meeks in “The Foreigner”.

After receiving a BFA in acting from NYU

in 1986, Evelyn moved to Orange County

with her husband. Here, she found a vibrant

and talented community of people committed

to making quality theatre available to all. 

Her most prized accomplishment: raising

her three amazing sons!

​​Get to know us by getting to know our Board, our Artistic Direction Committee, our Actors, and the Staff at Cornerstone Theatre Arts. 


We are grateful for the many hours of service provided by our dedicated Board of Directors at Cornerstone Theatre Arts. They are responsible for managing the logistical

operations of our theatre, including financial, legal, and policy-making functions that are essential for us to bring you quality theatrical entertainment, season after season.

Without them, we simply could not do what we do! 


The cast and crew make up the Cornerstone Theatre Arts family, dedicated to working together to create the very best show possible.  We love our work, and are passionate about our craft - we hope this is apparent in all our performances. Together, we help each other grow, hone our skills, and enjoy the

process of doing theatre together, privileged to work toward growing Goshen's Theatre Gem.    





Brittany obtained a minor in Performing

Arts from the College of Mount Saint

Vincent, but has learned mostly “on the job”.

She joined Cornerstone Theatre Arts in

2014 as Audrey in Shakespeare’s As You

Like It. She has worked on Dancing at

Lughnasa (playing the part of Rosie),

Shakespeare Alive!, Twelfth Night (Olivia),

The Actor’s Nightmare (Meg), Where in

Hell is Heaven on this Earth, Absolution

(Citizen), and Love’s Labour’s Lost (Moth).

Brittany wrote the adaptations for both

Twelfth Night and Love’s Labour’s Lost,

which she also assistant directed. She

has choreographed pieces for three shows,

and is the new archivist. Her favorite role

is a toss-up between Rosie and Olivia:

both were challenging roles in their own

rights, and were completely different, but

provided a chance to really create a

dynamic character, and learn something

about herself as both an actor and a



(Actor, Producer, Director)

I am honored to be a part of Cornerstone Theatre

Arts! In my humble opinion, it is about the best

option for theatre in our entire area. Cornerstone

consistently presents not only entertaining shows

with amazing performances, but always leaves the

audience with something to think about. Something

to take away and ponder. Something to move them

to action, change, compassion, fulfillment. It has the

same impact (if not more) on the performers!

I have seen Cornerstone grow into a mature, cohesive,

caring troupe over the years, and I see it continuing in

that direction with each new season. That's what drives

my participation! To be a part of something meaningful!

To be a part of something with impact!  Along with that

comes the privilege of working with the most amazing

group of actors anywhere, with the dedication it takes

to give every audience more than they bargained for!

These are the type of serious actors Cornerstone

attracts and embraces.

This theatre group also offers the opportunity to stretch

and grow. I had the honor of being able to present a multi-

media staged reading of my original screenplay, and this

year I am proud to be the director of one of our seasons

 shows. Thank you Ken and Cornerstone Theatre Arts for

displaying such professionalism, and for having so much

to offer!



Emma Jorgensen, recent graduate from

Hartwick College with a Bachelor's in

Theatre Arts. She has trained in classical

opera, legit and contemporary musical

theatre, as well as classic Shakespearen


A Goshen-ite from day one, 2016 was

Emma's first season with Cornerstone,

having played Maria in this past summer's

Shakespeare in the Park, "Love's

Labour's Lost".



David is thrilled to be part of the Cornerstone

Theatre Arts family. He made his debut with

Cornerstone in 2017 in History Alive: Civil War.

He will be performing with the company later

this year in A Midsummer Night's Dream 

(Lysander) and Tesla's Letters (Zoran). 

David received his bachelor's degree in

Musical Theater Performance from Steinhardt

School at New York University in 2002. At NYU,

he performed in Fiddler on the Roof, Barbary

Keep, The Village Fable, The Pinballs, Lucky

Peter's Journey and The Ice Wolf. He has also

performed in numerous productions at the

Provincetown Playhouse and at the Present

Company Theatorium in New York City.

David is a practicing attorney working primarily

with performers, artists and other creative

professionals, and is honored to be able to

share the stage with the amazing artists at


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(Board member)

Drew Smith is Vice President of

Cornerstone Theatre Arts. He has 

27 years experience as a self-

employed Oil Trader, N.Y. Mercantile

Exchange. B.B.A. Pace University.

Drew is the the Past President of

the Goshen Storm Baseball

Organization and a former Board

Member of the Goshen Little League..

He is the father of three college students

and enjoys live theatre,baseball, British

Invasion Classic Rock, Jeopardy, visiting 

pubs and taverns for spirited banter and

witty repartee'.



Crystal  received her Bachelor of Arts in

Broadcast Communication / Vocal

Performance from Otterbein University.

A 1st soprano, she studied voice for 13

years under Kay Raplenovich and Jennifer

Whitehead. Joining Cornerstone Theatre

Arts in 2013, she has been active in over

ten shows since. Her favorite roles on

the CTA stage include Agnes from

"Dancing and Lughnasa" and Katherine

from "Taming of the Schrew" at last year's

CTA 1st Annual Fundraiser event at

Delancy's Bar and Restaurant in Goshen.

But her most memorable role is definitely

Chick Boyle in "Crimes of the Heart" and

after the performance, her very real

marriage proposal onstage! 

Last season Crystal made her directing

debut with CTA's "The Foreigner". 



Ben received his B.A. from Ithaca College in Culture and

Communication and a minor in French.  He received his

acting training from the apprenticeship programs at the

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

Ben joined Cornerstone Theatre Arts in 2012.  His past

credits at Cornerstone include:  The Reporter in “Amelia

Earhart: Taking Flight”, Benedick in “Much Ado About

Nothing”, Biron in “Love’s Labours Lost”,  Michael Evans

in “Dancing at Lughnasa”,  Barnette Lloyd in “Crimes of

the Heart”, among others.  He made his directorial debut

in 2015 for “The Actor’s Nightmare”  

Ben is proud to be a part of what Cornerstone has done

and what it can become.  He hopes that the company

will continue to grow and do great things beyond even

our own imaginations. 

“The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing.” 

                                                                - Benjamin Franklin   


(Technical Director / Actor)

Jacqueline Dion has shared a longstanding

relationship with Cornerstone Theatre Arts since

2011, when she first served as technician under

Ken Tschan for Paul Robeson: All American. She

has served as CTA’s Technical Director since

2012. Some of the shows she’s most proud of

designing are Amelia Earhart: Taking Flight

(2012), Einstein! (2012), Waiting For MacArthur

(2012), I Remain, Jane Austen (2013), and

Inventing Van Gogh (2016). In total, Jacqueline

has designed over 25 productions for Cornerstone

Theatre Arts.

In 2017, Jacqueline created, directed, and designed

Tolle Lege:Take Up and Read. She has also been

featured as a performer in The Comedy of Errors (The

Courtesan, 2011), The New York Premiere of Sisters

Under the Skin (Mary Bowser, 2013), and in Where the

Hell is Heaven on This Earth? (2016) where she

performed Ken Tschan’s “N(ice) Day” and Neil Gaiman’s

“The Man who Forgot Ray Bradbury”.



Marianne is so happy to have Cornerstone

Theatre Arts in the beautiful town of Goshen

where she lives, and absolutely thrilled to

be performing there under the direction of

her longtime friend and mentor, KenTschan.

Marianne began acting with Ken even before

the creation of the company, performing on

library lawns, schools, or any space that Ken

could find. Her credits with Cornerstone

include The Fourth Wall as Peggy, The Case

of the Crushed Petunias as Dorothy Simple,

Flowers For Algernon as Roberta Seldon,

Shakespeare Alive as Portia, Beatrice, and

one of the MacBeth witches, The Actor's

Nightmare as various characters in the

dream, My Hands Is Full Of Gifts as the

general, History Alive as Leah from the

Bible, and her favorite, Crimes of the Heart

as Lennie.  She also performed for five 

summers in the annual Shakespeare in

Salesian Park. Her favorite Shakespeare

role is Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.

This year, Marianne enjoyed  assisting in the

Teen Summer workshop. shelooks forward

to next season and further opportunities to

grow as an artist and serve the Hudson

Valley Region through theater.