A Wake

​By Brian Petti

Woman #1: Marianne Cuiffetelli

Woman #2: Cynthia Topps

Dog Gone

​By Jim MacQueen

Rex: Mark Von Oesen

Cuddles: Isaac Kiernan

​Bartender: Maylin Morales

Everything Happens for a Reason

​By William J. Royce

Mom: Sue Mormile

​Son: Ray Aponte

Admission Impossible

By Tom Moran

Mark: John Redman

​Deborah: Jessica Markman


​By George Shapiro

Fall: Kate Brannan

Spring: Maylin Morales

Summer: Benedict Hudson

Pieces of Divinity

By Brian L. Gray

Rat #1: Kevin McDonnell

​Rat #2: Jason Luna

Packing Up a Life

By Callum M. N. Hill

Man #1: Isaac Kiernan

Man #2: Juan Luis Burgos

Johnny: Kevin McDonnell​

Cornerstone Theatre Arts (located at 223 Main Street in the Goshen Music Hall) opens their 2020 Season with Spotlights: Turn and Face the Strange; The Best of the 2019 International 10 Minute Play Festival.  Originally performed as staged readings at the Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center in August 2019, Cornerstone’s new Artistic Director Evelyn Albino, along with Paul Ellis of Sugarloaf will direct 8 of the best plays from the festival, 2 of which are local playwright’s submissions.  

Showcasing many of the talented CTA performers that audiences have come to know, Spotlight is made up of complete short plays that will delight everyone who comes to see it. Meet Cuddles the Dog who is transitioning to a human as he coaches his former Owner how to be a dog. Frank & Louise are 2 characters right out of Film Noir and then there’s The Rats foraging in garbage cans for Cheetos and ruminating on Life’s Big Questions.  And many more!

Deadman's Curves

​By Dan O'Day

Frank: B.J. Boothe

Louise: Jacqueline Dion